Why we can't use long text area for custom field in Salesforce activity

I'm creating an item in Salesforce's "Activities", but why isn't there a "Long Text Area" in the data type options?

Salesforce is a CRM (customer management system) and a web service used all over the world.

Although it is a web service, it has a certain degree of customizability, and many companies use it for purposes other than sales.

Salesforce has "Activity record" to record what kind of activities were done for leads and opportunities.

It is a convenient function that allows you to record what kind of meetings and contacts you have with customers like a history.

And an activity can have multiple custom fields to fill out.

It's convenient to separate the contents to be filled in for each category, but the item has a character limit of 255 characters, cannot use long text area.

It does not appear as an option to select the data type of the item.

Why doesn't the long text area appear?

So this time, I will introduce about "why we can't use long text area for custom field in Salesforce activity".


Why we can't use long text area for custom field in Salesforce activity

The reason why you can't use the long text area for activity custom items in Salesforce is "Salesforce specification".

It's not like "missing some settings", but the official says "Salesforce specification".

Therefore, as of June 2023, it is not possible to set a long text area item in the custom item of "Activity" in Salesforce.

When you create Custom Fields for the Activities object, Rich Text and Long Text Area Fields are not available.

This is expected functionality. These types of fields cannot be created for Tasks and Events.

A possible work around would be to create additional Text Area fields, allowing for greater amount of data to be stored in in Tasks and Events.

Unable to create custom Long and Rich Text Area Fields for Activities

It says "not available" in the official help page .

We can set the long text area elsewhere, so I think it would be nice to be able to set it in a separate activity.

For those who want to report their activities in detail, long text area is better.

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