The reason why Salesforce list view does not show data

When I try to view data in Salesforce, the data that should have been registered was not displayed in the list view…

Salesforce is a CRM (customer management system) and a web service used all over the world.

Although it is a web service, it has a certain degree of customizability, and many companies use it for purposes other than sales.

However, the some specifications of Salesforce are difficult to understand.

For example, "list view search box doesn't work properly".

Therefore, today I will introduce about "The reason why Salesforce list view does not show data" .


Data does not come out even if you search in Salesforce

First, let's take a look at Phenomenon of data not appearing when searching in Salesforce.

As a reference, let's look at the data in the Trailhead environment for Salesforce education.

(Data picks leads, but they don't have to.)

Salesforce data sample (Trailhead environment)
Salesforce data sample (Trailhead environment)

The data displayed here is small, but as the amount of data increases, you may want to search specific data in this list.

Then you may input some query words into search box surrounded by red frame. But it does not display data that you expected.

As we know that if the data is not registered, it will not come up.

But the data that have been registered does not come out. It seems weird.

I want to search, but I can't get result. Why?

Why does such a strange thing happen?

The reason why Salesforce list view does not show data

The reason why you can't find any data by searching in Salesforce list view is that list view search is limited to the first 2000 items.

What do you mean?

You are searching within 2000 records , not all.

The list view search help says:

When you search a list view, only the first 2,000 records in the list are searched. If you can’t find your record, try a more specific search or modify your filters or sorting. For example, your accounts list view contains 8,000 records. You search for an account that starts with Z, but that account isn’t in the search results. To find the account you want, sort the Account Name field from Z to A so that the account beginning with Z falls in the first 2,000 records listed. You can also add filters to make the list view more specific.

Reference:Search List Views in Lightning Experience

Search in list view is limited to the first 2000 results instead of 2000 results.

So even if the data you want to find is registered, if it is not in the 2000 cases, it cannot be searched by list view search.

Usability is quite subtle.

So with using list view, it is difficult to search data, right?

Honestly, it's pretty hard to use.

Moreover, there are considerable restrictions on search conditions.

Search doesn’t find partial strings in a field label unless the string is at the beginning of the label or the string follows a space. This rule applies to strings of words and numbers. For example:

A search for the word commun finds Edge Communications, but a search for the string dge or cation doesn’t.
A search for the number 12 finds Leads Report 12 but not Leads Report-12.

Reference:Search List Views in Lightning Experience

Even if it's not 2000, it's hard to use.

Use "Global Search" to search data in Salesforce

Salesforce's list view search has a limit of 2000 searches, and it was a specification that even existing data could not be searched.

So it's not the case that you can't search in Salesforce.

There are ways to search for data in Salesforce.

Use "Global Search" to search data in Salesforce.

The global search box is above the list view search box.

Salesforce Global Search
Salesforce Global Search

The global search box corresponds to the red frame on the screen above.

Here, you can search without receiving 2000 contracts.

However, in this case, if you do not specify the search range, it will search other than the lead, so if you want to search only the lead narrow down the search to the lead in advance

This is better if you can just get the data that exists properly.

Global Search Box


Today, I explained about the "The reason why Salesforce list view does not show data".

The reasons why data does not come out even if you search in the list view of Salesforce are as follows.

  • The search range of the list view search is not all data, but only the first 2000, so data not included in the first 2000 cannot be searched

If you want to search data, use global search at the top of the screen instead of list view search.

It's hard to understand intuitively.

We don't know, but maybe Salesforce has its own policy.

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